Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan's Music Hospital

What we do for you at the Music Hospital

When the recording session is done and you have your mixdown, the final step is to send it to the mastering studio to make it perfect for home and radio play. At Music Hospital we work with professional artists and labels who want their old recordings restored and remastered for CD release, or their new sessions to receive the all-important mastering process, before release.

New Mixed Sessions:
On new sessions, we donít use any unnecessary EQ or special effects. First, we get rid of any subsonic bass or noise (You canít hear it anyway, and it takes up space we need for the music). We check for any possible clipped peaks, and if there are any, we restore them. We check for noise, like tape hiss, rumble, etc., and remove any we find. We often see places where the engineer mistakenly moved the level slider, leaving a section lower or higher than the rest, so we fix it without interfering with the dynamics of the music. We can de-ess if we get an ess flare. We set the timing on so the first note is not lost on start-up. We pack as much music onto the track as possible, without clipping, so the clientís track is as hot or hotter than others on the radio, without noticeably changing the original mix.

Restoring And Remastering Old Vinal Records:
First we get rid of all noise above and below the human auditory range, then we go to work on clicks, pops, hiss, 60 cycle hums, etc.. If the record is mono, we make it stereo. We limit the bass, especially on acoustic bass, without effecting the higher frequencies. Occasionally we have to splice portions of several damaged vinyl records together to get one good one. We re-EQ the overall sound to bring it up to date, using a number of equalizers: Parametric, FFT, Graphic, notch, hi-pass, lo-pass, band-pass, etc... We can widen or narrow the stereo field as needed. Last, we may add a modern reverb or other effect, and ďpackĒ the music onto the track with as much level as possible, without losing the original feeling. We work from CD dubs off master tapes, cassettes, and vinyl 45ís and LPís. The main work is done on computers, and a turntable with a built-in RIAA output, a Tascam cassette deck, and a CD burner.

Software Programs:
Cool Edit Pro, Sound Forge, Pristine Sounds, Steinberg Cubase, ACXtractor, Sonic Foundry, Cakewalk, and several hundred VST and Direct-X plug-ins. We have an endless choice of reverbs, from the spatial, glassy reverb you hear on FM light Jazz stations, to specialized reverbs, like the one designed to duplicate the interior acoustics of a Steinway grand. We have Mackie, Alesis, BBE, and other EQ facilities, and effects such as delays, echoes, room simulators, choruses, phasers, scientific filters, Aphex, electronic brush for fixing trouble spots manually, compressors, limiters, noise gates, and all the other normal studio gear. Thereís more, but you get the idea.

Our primary tools are our 35 years of studio production and mixing, good ears, and being perfectionists.
Email us at: MusicHospital@jackandmisty.com
or call us at: 407.321.5361